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Picture this: You are lying in a cozy, heated bed with lavender in the air. Soft, soothing music is quietly playing in the distant background. All your worries and stress dissipate as a full hour massage waits for you.
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Types of Massage

At KLM we perform a variety of massage techniques to fit your health and relaxation needs


The benefits of massage are many including reduced stress hormones that age you and improved circulation among many others


Making a routine out of massage has many benefits including better posture & cell regeneration

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What Our Customers are saying...

“Kasey gives the best massage I have ever experienced. I have referred three people to Kasey and they just rave about her. If you are a big athletic man or a skinny woman or whatever, Kasey will adjust the pressure to your preference. Awesome!”
-Debbie P.
“I have been going to see Kasey for two years for deep tissue massages. We have a long standing appointment that I look forward to every other week. I sit in a cube in front of a PC eight hours a day and she really works out the knots in my neck and back. She is the miracle worker of Matthews.”
-Deanna R.
“Kasey is fantastic! She really knows how to identify and help the area that needs relief. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. She will give you one of the best massages of your life.”
-Jim R.

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