Your First Visit

Never had a massage and unsure of what to expect? Here lie your answers.


For your first appointment, arrive 15 minutes early to give you enough time to fill out paperwork before your massage time begins. This paperwork is designed to address any current or past conditions that you may have. You will list all surgeries, medical conditions, and medications that may influence your comfort during the massage. This ensures that you get the most out of your session.

Five minutes before the massage begins, you and your therapist discuss your paperwork, your massage pressure preference, and what you hope to get out of your session. This is also when you discuss whether you are looking to relax or address a specific issue, have a full body massage or partial body massage. Please do not hesitate to address your therapist with any questions or concerns you may have. Remember, this is your session and we want you to be comfortable and relaxed.


The therapist will then take you to the massage room and give you a quick tour of where to put your belongings. The therapist will then leave and give you some time to disrobe to your comfort level. Some clients are comfortable taking everything off, while others are more comfortable with partial clothing removal. Either option is fine, it’s whatever you are comfortable with.

You will then get under both the soft, clean sheet and blanket and wait for your therapist to knock on the door for permission to enter. This is where you can discuss your preference on music, lighting, or temperature. There is a table warming device that is adjustable throughout your session. A lot of people like to get into a warm bed, but get hot during in the session. Please do not hesitate to vocalize any concerns. Again, this is YOUR massage.

The therapist will then apply gel, lotion, or shea butter to your skin and begin the session. They will ask how the pressure feels throughout the massage. Please be honest in your preferences, you will not hurt our feelings:) Proper draping ettiquette ensures that during the massage, every part of your body is covered by the sheet except the section that is being worked on.

*tip: PROPER BREATHING TECHNIQUES ARE IMPORTANT. Especially during a deep tissue or neuromuscular massage, breathing through a tender trigger point allows the muscle to release faster. During a good stretch, your body’s natural reaction is to tense up and hold your breath, which can be counterproductive during a massage. Breathing deeply through the stretch, can ensure a faster muscle release, which allows you to get the best result from your session.

Some people like to talk during a massage, others don’t. Some talk a little then concentrate on the massage. It isn’t uncommon to have an hour of complete silence during a massage. This allows for both parties to concentrate, so don’t feel obligated to entertain your therapist. We are here for you.


-When your hour is over, the therapist quietly makes you aware then leaves the room. Take this moment to relax a while longer and take your time getting up. After a massage some people can feel a little light headed, so this time is important to relax and recoup.

-Your therapist will be waiting outside of the door for you with a bottled water, ask how you are feeling, then give you some follow up tips. You will also discuss any plans or recommendations that they have for your future wellness. Following up on this advice is crucial. Whether it be stretching at home, proper hydration, an exercise regimen, or healthier eating habits, taking care of yourself outside of the massage room is just as important. Take this post massage discussion seriously and ask questions. We are here to answer them to the best of our knowledge.

*WHY IS HYDRATING AFTER A MASSAGE SO IMPORTANT? During a massage, minerals and toxins are released from the muscle into the bloodstream. Drinking water after a massage flushes these out of your system, giving you better results and making the most out of your massage.

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“Kasey Murray is a very professional and extremely effective massage therapist. She knows a great deal about the body and how one system is connected to another. Kasey knows exactly how to make muscles respond to various techniques. I always get a very thorough massage that works out the kinks in my strained muscles and relaxes my mind. I have recommended her to several of my friends and colleagues.”

-A. S.
“Kasey Murray is the best massage therapist I know. I was very ill from an accident injury to my neck and back and Kasey worked and worked on my muscles. Slowly the pain ceased and I began to feel better. Kasey is he most dependable and caring therapist I have ever worked with. I recommend her constantly to everyone I know and recommend her to anyone reading this. You will not be disappointed whether it is an injury that needs worked on or a relaxing massage. Call Kasey today and get an appointment.”

-Pat D.
“Kasey Murray is probably one of the best massage therapists in Charlotte. I have used some good therapists over a 15 year period, but Kasey stands above all the others. She is consistent, well educated and very interested in you as a client and your results. After being in a head on collision 19 years ago, I suffered from neck pain, migraine headaches and tried all the possible treatments from Neurologists with facet blocks and Botox neck and muscle injections, Headache Specialists with high powered drugs, such as Imitrex and Migrinal to help get through my days, to Chiropractor Care, Acupuncturists and Herbal Remedies. My best results for pain relief, was through Massage Therapy.

I have been a client of Kasey’s for over a year and have been extremely happy .. She has never become complaisant with her therapy and is truly interested in getting positive results. After years of prescription drugs and many office visits, I feel much better and I am only taking an occasional Tylenol. I look forward to my weekly massage….it is a great way to get those deep muscles stretched, work out the kinks and de-stress.

I would definitely recommend Kasey for your massage therapist…….I have already recommend her to family, friends and clients.”

– Dianna S.
"I go to Monica for Deep Tissue massages and she is wonderful. Her ability to identify my issues and target them are amazing. I feel so much better by the end of our sessions and I highly recommend her for anyone seeking any kind of bodywork."

– Anne Larson-White
"Monica is a superb masseuse. She has an incredible ability and true gift with finding and working on problem muscles that are tight and sore. Also Monica is passionate about her profession and is constantly studying and learning different techniques and is intent on gaining more knowledge to be able to understand the body and endeavor to help her clients. I highly recommend her."

– Ann Bellino
"I love KLM massage! I have such shoulder pain from years of repetitive use. Kasey has been working her magic on my shoulder for over a year and has helped so much!! And now Monica has joined her. Both Monica and Kasey are extremely kind, friendly and both have the best deep tissue work. I highly recommend Monica and Kasey."

– Marla Hathcock
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