Massage has many expected and unexpected short term and long term benefits.


massage of your shoulders, chest, and back can improve your posture by relaxing muscles pulled forward by hunching over a computer or your phone all day.

Posture: Structural issues caused by repetitive motion injuries is common. Massage can help retrain muscles that are fixed in the same position day after day. Whether from bad sleeping habits or from poor postural habits at work or play, massage can help get your muscles back to being happy and healthy.

Decrease of Pain & Stress

Massage is proven to relieve stress by decreasing levels of Cortisol in your body. This also decreases the level of glucose in your bloodstream and enhances your body systems’ ability to repair itself. According to the Mayo Clinic, ‘a 60-minute massage can lower cortisol levels by 30% and stimulates serotonin levels by an average of 28% which makes you feel better physically and emotionally.

Relieves Depression & Anxiety

In multiple clinical studies, regular massage has been proven to make lasting effects on a person’s emotional balance and ability to fight off feelings of sadness and stress.

Improved Skin & Circulation

When you have better circulation you have better skin tone, skin elasticity, and heart health. Ischemic and dehydrated muscles are common. Promoting blood circulation to damaged muscles through manual massage can greatly increase good muscle health.

Pain & Tension Relief

If you are an athlete or have a physical job, massage should be a regular commitment to keep your body relaxed and loose. Your muscles can tighten up by repeating the same physical activities and leads to stiffness…In addition to regular at home self care habits like stretching and drinking enough water, massage is a great addition to help avoid future injuries to muscles, tendons, and joints.

Immune System Booster

Massage therapy assists in lymphatic drainage, which helps your body eliminate toxins and feel better and fight off infection more quickly. The lymphatic system has also recently been connected to the neurological system of the body. Making sure you have fluid lymph can help your mental clarity while aging.

Improved Flexibility & Joint Mobility

Most chiropractors and physical therapists will agree, that keeping your muscular system loose is essential in conjunction with their therapies. When pain exists as a result from the skeletal system or connective tissue, tight muscles will ensue as a result. Though massage can not fix these original issues, it can surely help the painful symptoms.

Post Surgery / Injury

massage can help to reduce swelling and scar tissue after major surgery or An injury. Make sure to ask your doctor or surgeon if it is alright to have clearance for massage after major surgeries or operations.

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“Kasey Murray is a very professional and extremely effective massage therapist. She knows a great deal about the body and how one system is connected to another. Kasey knows exactly how to make muscles respond to various techniques. I always get a very thorough massage that works out the kinks in my strained muscles and relaxes my mind. I have recommended her to several of my friends and colleagues.”

-A. S.
“Kasey Murray is the best massage therapist I know. I was very ill from an accident injury to my neck and back and Kasey worked and worked on my muscles. Slowly the pain ceased and I began to feel better. Kasey is he most dependable and caring therapist I have ever worked with. I recommend her constantly to everyone I know and recommend her to anyone reading this. You will not be disappointed whether it is an injury that needs worked on or a relaxing massage. Call Kasey today and get an appointment.”

-Pat D.
“Kasey Murray is probably one of the best massage therapists in Charlotte. I have used some good therapists over a 15 year period, but Kasey stands above all the others. She is consistent, well educated and very interested in you as a client and your results. After being in a head on collision 19 years ago, I suffered from neck pain, migraine headaches and tried all the possible treatments from Neurologists with facet blocks and Botox neck and muscle injections, Headache Specialists with high powered drugs, such as Imitrex and Migrinal to help get through my days, to Chiropractor Care, Acupuncturists and Herbal Remedies. My best results for pain relief, was through Massage Therapy.

I have been a client of Kasey’s for over a year and have been extremely happy .. She has never become complaisant with her therapy and is truly interested in getting positive results. After years of prescription drugs and many office visits, I feel much better and I am only taking an occasional Tylenol. I look forward to my weekly massage….it is a great way to get those deep muscles stretched, work out the kinks and de-stress.

I would definitely recommend Kasey for your massage therapist…….I have already recommend her to family, friends and clients.”

– Dianna S.
"I go to Monica for Deep Tissue massages and she is wonderful. Her ability to identify my issues and target them are amazing. I feel so much better by the end of our sessions and I highly recommend her for anyone seeking any kind of bodywork."

– Anne Larson-White
"Monica is a superb masseuse. She has an incredible ability and true gift with finding and working on problem muscles that are tight and sore. Also Monica is passionate about her profession and is constantly studying and learning different techniques and is intent on gaining more knowledge to be able to understand the body and endeavor to help her clients. I highly recommend her."

– Ann Bellino
"I love KLM massage! I have such shoulder pain from years of repetitive use. Kasey has been working her magic on my shoulder for over a year and has helped so much!! And now Monica has joined her. Both Monica and Kasey are extremely kind, friendly and both have the best deep tissue work. I highly recommend Monica and Kasey."

– Marla Hathcock
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